Benefits of Retiring in Delaware

New homes in Delaware: a retirement haven

Delaware is one of the most attractive retirement destinations in the United States. Outstanding natural beauty, low cost of living, close proximity to major east coast cities, tax benefits, first class healthcare – the list of reasons to enjoy your retirement in Delaware goes on and on. As a base from which to enjoy these advantages, Darley Green's new homes in Delawareare ideal for individuals looking for exceptional value, without sacrificing on luxurious details.

Let’s take a closer look atsome of the reasons to retirein the first state in the Union.

Natural beauty & climate

This part of the eastern seaboard is well-preserved, thanks largely to development guidelines that honor the existing landscape and protect the environment. The Natural Resources Defense Council rated Delaware’s waterways second in the nation in terms of cleanliness and monitoring processes (nearby New York rated 23rd). The climate is a major attraction for visitors. The effects of the ocean temper the heat, although milder climes are not far, with even the southern part of the state experiencing a little warmer weather.

Tax benefits

Property taxes are some of the lowest in the country. A 2000 square foot home would have average property taxes of $125 per month (less than 10% of an equivalent home in New Jersey). In addition, Delaware residents enjoy NO taxes on social security benefits and ZERO sales tax.


A number of major hospitals are located in the area, including the Johns Hopkins University Hospital and the Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, located less than half an hour from the Darley Green community. And residents can stay in tip top shape with plenty of outdoor pursuits such as hiking and biking along Darley Green's onsite nature trails.


Darley Green’s new homes in Delaware put you less than five minutes drive from downtown Wilmington, and just 20 minutes from city amenities and attractions in Philadelphia.Wilmington is just two hours from New York City, and neighbouring states include Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Affordable prices

Delaware residents are ucky enough to pay no sales tax, so you never have to figure out the true cost of items in stores by doing sums. Property taxes are considerably lower than in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania.

Enjoy your golden years in Delaware

Darley Green’s townhouses in Delawarecome with an array of standard features which compare favorably to the most upscale housing the state has to offer. High-end features include gourmet kitchens with center island, plentiful walk-in closet space, energy-efficient gas heat and classic exterior styling. And custom finishes are always an option, allowing you to transform your condo or townhouse into a space that reflects your style. Add oak cabinets and laminate counters, hot tubs, bay windows and front porches. You can even extend the house with lofts, and extra bedrooms and bathrooms.

Everything within the Darley Green community is built to the highest standard. To view our model homes, come by any time between 11AM and 6 PM, or call 302-655-2600 and speak with our Community Sales Manager, Amy Maluski.