Wilmington’s Riverfront Sports and Recreation

Wilmington townhouses close to culture & recreation

Darley Green's Wilmington townhousesare conveniently situated close to cultural and recreational highlights in the area. Only ten minutes from downtown Wilmington, the Darley Green community is a quick jaunt to countless attractions, including the Wilmington Riverfront, which has recently undergone a major redevelopment.

Highlights along the Wilmington Riverfront

Central to the city's character is the Wilmington blue rock, which courses through the urban landscape and the rolling upland to the north. Following its trail is a fantastic way to understand the geology of the area, and it will give you an idea of why Wilmington was such a great place to settle in the first place (the first place being the middle of the 17th century).

The rock is best seen from the banks of the Brandywine Creek in between Rockland and Market Street Bridge. Here, the river exposes a deep gorge stretching four miles. It was from this gorge that one of the greatest industrial developments in the colonies harnessed its power. At it's 18th century commercial peak, the Brandywine Creek provided energy for more than a hundred mills, and industrialists like the duPont family accrued enormous wealth from the land. The blue rocks are considered by geologists to be the metamorphic core of the Appalachian mountain range. Locals and tourists alike can spend days exploring the area surrounding the banks of the Brandywine and still not scratch the surface.

So integral to Wilmington's sense of identity is the blue rock, it lends its name to the local baseball team. The Wilmington Blue Rockshave been minor league stars since 1993, when they first made the Wilmington Riverfront their home. Affiliated with the Kansas City Royals, the Blue Rocks are renowned for their depth of talent, and receive strong local support. The ballpark was originally known as Legends Stadium, but has been renamed the Daniel S. Frawley Stadium in honor of the respected town mayor. Any new resident looking for sports and recreation on the Wilmington Riverfrontwill start by taking in a ball game at Frawley Stadium.

Another highlight of the Wilmington Riverfront is the Rowing Centerthat offers 'learn-to-row' instructional classes for newcomers, and hosts two annual boat races for competitive rowers.

For strict land lubbers, the Riverwalkers programallows you to enjoy the water from a distance – and get fit in the process. The one-mile Riverwalk is a great way to take in the Christina and meet some locals.

More prospective homebuyers looking at Darley Green

With so much to see and do along the Christina riverfront it's little wonder that Darley Green's townhouses and condos are being snapped up by savvy homebuyers. Located in the Claymont Renaissance district, Darley Green offers spacious, luxury living at market-beating prices.

It's not just Wilmington itself that boasts activities and entertainment. The community has plenty of conveniences onsite, including a modern library, shops and restaurants that are all within walking distance. 

Darley Green's model homes are available to view by appointment between 11am-6pm, seven days a week. To learn more about Wilmington townhouses and condos, please contact Amy Muluski at 302-655-2600.