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One of the best things about living in Darley Green is the prime location. Our townhomes in Wilmingtonput you right in the heart of the largest city in the second smallest state – and that means having history right on your doorstep. History that stretches back to the earliest days of European settlement in North America, when the area surrounding the Delaware River was known as New Sweden. As a recent article in Preservation Magazine says, Delaware, 'The First State in the Union,' is a fine starting point for any journey into our country's history…

Wimington’s fascinating history makes headlines

As intrepid adventurers from Europe stepped into the New World throughout the 17th Century, staking their claim for riches and glory, the entire eastern seaboard was rapidly filling up with flags from England, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Keen for a piece of the action, a band of Swedes set sail aboard the Fogel Grip and Kalmar Nyckel, and were cruising through what is now known as Delaware Bay by March 1638.

The settlers established Fort Christina at the mouth of the Christina River, claiming it for the Swedish Empire, then one of the world's biggest powers. It remained under Swedish control for the next twenty years, during which time Wilmington grew into a major industrial port town (before being colonized by the Dutch, then the British, who made Delaware part of their Thirteen Colonies).

Little of this Swedish colonial legacy remains in any physical sense (although place names like Christiana give the game away). The biggest historical influence on today's Wilmington came from another great European power, France. A clan of French immigrants called the du Ponts helped transform the local economy and culture, turning themselves into one of America's foremost families in the process. Their fortune came from mills, but their legacy is hewn in the great public buildings they donated to the city, such as the library. Built in 1922 on land owned by Pierre S. du Pont, the library's stone owls and terra cotta frieze help make it one of the more unusual buildings in the region.

Another important attraction is the Friends Meeting Houseon Quaker Hill. In contrast to the singular architectural vision realized by the public library, this stern brick construction reflects the stoicism of the Quakers, and the role they played in Wilmington's evolution. One Quaker of note who attended meetings here was Thomas Garrett, the abolitionist who helped slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad.

Any culture-loving visitor or Wilmington resident will get a kick out of theDelaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. Built with du Point money by architects Carrere and Hastings, the 72-room Center is a fusion of French and American styles, with gardens reminiscent of the famous grounds at the Palace of Versailles.

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Residents in the master planned community of Darley Green have a relaxing home base from which to explore the vibrant history of Delaware.Located just five minutes from downtown Wilmington and less than half an hour from Philadelphia, our neighbourhood was designed for today’s discriminating homebuyer, featuring a variety of modern floor plans and custom finishes.

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